Sweet Desktop Mod [Guide]

Sweet Desktop Mod

After almost 2 years, we decided to continue with Desktop Mod guides. So here we are featuring one the amazing and desktop customization. All you need to do is follow some instructions and download all the required skins, softwares etc to make your desktop look like what you see in the screenshot.

This mod works only on Windows 7. Now let’s get started:

  1. Chill Windows 7 Theme — Begin by downloading and installing the theme .
  2. Rocket Dock — Once you finish installing the theme, install Rocket Dock . This is optional and can be done only if you need the exact dock skin, else you can use any dock application of your choice.
  3. Vista Reworked Skin for Rocket Dock — Follow the simple instructions there in that page to change the Rocket Dock skin.
  4. A Windows7 Start Orb — Change the start orb by downloading using Windows 7 Start Orb Changer v4
  5. Rivo Skin — Install CD Art Display and download to use this skin. You can find the instruction as well. It is simple, you just have to extract and move the Rivo or Rivo v2 file to Skin directory.
  6. Aqua Pastel Grey for IconPackager —  This is completely optional since IconPackager is not a free software. You can use any other alternative icons.
  7. Download and use Rainmeter Skins: PNG Suit and Sensaz HDD Skin
  8. Plastic Pulse for AvePreview — AvePreview is skinnable, little image-previewer application. The installation file is included in the download.
  9. HD Wallpaper by Unknown. [optional]
Sweet: A customization by Naaboozor — Download large screenshot for reference.


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