Carbon Gloss Dock Icons

Carbon Gloss Dock Icons

A set of over 90 original dock icons in .png format
Compatible with your Mac or PC, and virtually all dock applications that use .png files

Download: Carbon Gloss Dock Icons
Author: skm-industries

Icons Included:

// Graphics (Blue)
PS: Photoshop
BMP: Paint
PSP: Paintshop Pro
FL: Flash
ILL: Illustrator
SU: SketchUp
DW: Dreamweaver
3D: 3d apps
IN: Indesign
GMP: Gimp
FON: Font Managers
ATM: Adobe Type Manager
CM: Character map
ART: ArtRage
VID: Video editing
APO: Apophysis
EXP: Quark Express
GIF: IamgeReady & Other GIF apps
PIC: Picasa
TG: Theme generating apps (PDA / CEL etc…)

// Internet (Red)
MIR: Miranda
LW: Limewire
uT: uTorrent
P2P: Peer-to-peer apps
PDG: Pidgin
MAP: Web-maps
STM: Steam
CMN: Camino
OP: Opera
EML: Email clients
TRI: Trillian
FF: FireFox
IE: Internet Explorer
GC: Google Chat
MSN: MSN Messenger
SKP: Skype
SAF: Safari
ADI: Audium
HEX: HTML / CSS web code stuff
DL: Downloading applications

// Office (Yellow)
DOC: Word & similar
SPR: Exel & similar (Spreadsheets..)
PRS: PowerPoint & similar (Presentation…)
DTB: Access & similar (Database…)
WEB: Frontpage & similar
TXT: Text pad
CAL: Calculators
OO: OpenOffice
RTF: Word pad (Rich Text…)
PDF: Adobe acrobat & other PDF viewers

// System (White)
SPY: Spyware stuff
FND: Finder & Search tools
DSH: Dashboard
SYS: SYstem Prefs
UPD: windows update
AA: AdAware
AU: Audio devices
BAK: Backup software
CC: Ccleaner
CDR: CD & DVD burning
NSS: Nero StartSmart
FRG: Defragmenter
PDA: PDA tools
CEL: Mobile (cell) phone
IMG: Image viewers
ZIP: ZIp & other compression tools
ICO: Icon management apps
TAB: Graphics tablet
CAM: Camera

// Media (Green)
MSK: MusikCube
MPC: Media player classic
AUD: Audacity
FOO: Foobar
MP3: MP3 tag apps
TRK: Audio trackers / Sequencer applications
WA: WinAmp
WAV: Audio Editors
VST: VST Applications
DJ: DJing / mixing Apps
iT: iTunes
WMP: Windows Media Player
MM: MixMiester
DVD: DVD playback
VLC: VLC Media player
FRU: Fruity loops
MOV: QuickTime
SND: Soundforge
ACD: Acid

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