Minislim iPhone Theme

Minislim iPhone Theme

Author’s Instructions:

This mod was specifically made to make it easier for people to easily change wallpapers without having to edit an image and having to respring all the time.

Before Hand


Five Coloumn Springboard
MMP Flip (for iTouch users)
iHandy (to remove lockscreen battery)

Setting Up
1. Copy ‘Minislim.Theme’ to ‘/Library/Themes’
2. Open iFile and copy ‘Wallpaper.jpg’ from ‘/Library/Themes/User Wallpaper/’ to ‘Library/Themes/Minislim.Theme’.2b. Repeat Step 2 for ‘LockBackground.jpg’ from the folder ‘/Library/Themes/User Lock Background/.
3. Activate Minislim in Winterboard and wait for respring.
4. Open Categories and Create 3 folders; ‘Games’, ‘Apps’ and ‘Tools’. Fill Them and Nessassary (But don’t add your favourite/most used apps). Close and wait for Respring/Reboot.
5. With your favourite/Most used apps and Folders on the springboard, arrange the Folders in the slot beneath the weather (You may want to use iBlank and Five Column Springboard to center them.
6. Move your favourite apps onto the (infini)dock (You may want to only use apps with supported icons).
7. Copy ‘background’ from ‘Minislim/How To/’ to ‘/Applications/’, ‘/Applications/’ and ‘/Applications/’.
7b. Repeat step 7 with ‘Default.png’ from the same folder

Additional LockInfo Steps
1. Copy ‘section_header.png’ and ‘section_subheader.png’ from ‘Minislim Theme/How to’ to ‘/Library/LockInfo/’, and respring/reboot.

Download: Minislim iPhone Theme
Author: Jddude

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