Omnimo 2 for Rainmeter

Omnimo 2 for Rainmeter

Omnimo 2 is a metro/zune UI inspired, highly functional and customizable complete Rainmeter desktop skin suite, the name is derived from the word WinMo (backwards it’s OmniW), and has a latin equivalent Omnimodus which means universal, and universal is this project’s middle name.

Author’s Instruction:

Note: Requires Rainmeter to be installed.


Make sure you have rainmeter installed in Program Files and it was run at least once. Make sure your Rainmeter\Skins folder is located in Documents. You need 7-zip
Extract Omnimo.rmskin, go to Omnimo\Skins, and copy the WP7 folder to Documents\Rainmeter\Skins and Omnimo\Themes\Omnimo 2\Rainmeter.thm folder to %APPDATA\Rainmeter\Themes, launch rainmeter, right click the tray icon, and from themes select Omnimo 2.

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What’s included:

– Rainstaller by poriu
– Skin suite (in Data folder)
– Extras:
– Clear taskbar theme + orb
– Template panels + skins
– Readme

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Its highly recommended to use the installer (rainstaller by poiru) which is included in the pack, it will automatically copy the skin files and launch the theme file right after installation. This will NOT overwrite your current configuration because it will be placed as a backup theme in rainthemes. If you want to install manually, go to Data folder and copy WP7 from skins to your rainmeter skins folder, and the theme folder to %APPDATA%\Rainmeter\Themes

Make sure you have the fonts installed (Segoe UI, Segoe UI Light)

Speedfan panel needs speedfan to be installed (plugin also), read the intro and the readme if you don’t want to messup. Drag the panels as you like, change the skin from the gallery. If the background accidentally goes in front of all panels, simply refresh from the tray. If you find any problems please comment and we’ll fix it.

Download: Omnimo 2 for Rainmeter
Authors: Developed by fediaFedia, Xyrfo, Giblet, Varelse42
Size: 39.6 MB
Via: dA

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