Win Squared 7 Blend V2.0 – Windows 7 Theme

Win Squared 7 Blend V2.0

Author’s Note:

As this is still a Beta
Taskbar ONLY works on bottom!
Made in Windows 7 64x (ONLY WINDOWS 7, I don’t know if 32x works)
And looks best with shadows DISABLED
(start rightclick your computer choose properties choose advanced system settings, choose the advanced tab choose the first settings find the shadows under windows and disable it!

The topbar is all Rainmeter [link]
start the following skin componenets:
These are all standard available in Rainmeter
Enigma\Taskbar\System Uptime\Uptime-mini-ini
Enigma\Taskbar\Combos\Tray Systems\TraySystem.ini

Download: Win Squared 7 Blend V2.0 – Windows 7 Theme
Author: Taichou-Henk

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